Educate India with Writing & Drawing slates of Novelty Slate Company.


Educate India with Writing & Drawing slates of Novelty Slate Company.

About Us

Slates are a vital component for delivering education to potential makers of our country. Novelty Slate Company understands the value of this equipment in Indian education system and therefore, is a leading reputed manufacturer and supplier of Mayur, Priya Gold, Chandra Planitum, Murali, Nandini, Tiger, and Lotus Slates and Writing Slates. We understand the irreplaceable nature of slates and with utmost sincerity fulfill the demands of this traditional writing tool in many schools, colleges and universities. Being a company which completely acknowledges the need for 'education for all', we strive to provide the best quality of slates to our customers to make the imparting of knowledge devoid of hindrances.

It gives us a great level of satisfaction when we see that future Einsteins and Shakespeares are using our products to understand the number system or the complexities of language. We consider it as our responsibility that every child in this country should have a slate in his/her hand because we firmly believe that it is the road to empower India. Adamant to our values with an aim of enhancement in our performance, we, Novelty Slate Company are an assured solution for all our customers.

Our Team

We are backed by highly qualified number of employees, who take the job of manufacturing slates with utmost sincerity and always proves to be a blessing for our company. We have specially trained designers and engineers to take care the needs and desires of our purchasers. The efforts that the appointed experts invest in production of commodities is highly appreciable. They are a bunch of creative, enthusiastic and self motivating minds who work with a determination of constantly evolving themselves a strength for the company.

Advantages of Using Slate

We understand that many of us have this question in mind that why to use slates when we have pen, pencil and other modern writing tools. Well, you will get the advantages of slates once you read the following points:
  • Unlike pen, something written from slates can be easily cleaned
  • They come less expensive as compare to the pen, pencil or any such modern writing tool
  • Production cost of writing slates is relatively less than the making charges of a today's writing equipment, as slates are obtained from quarries.
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